Doux Chicken 2019 - Animation Direction & Storyboarding
Final approved Version by Client
Agency: TTP @the_ttp
Client: Doux Chicken @douxksa
Creative Direction: Saad Al-Harbi @saadrbi
Storyboards, Direction, Animation: Mahmoud Zaini @mahmoudzaini
Art Direction, Character illustrations: Habib al-Haddad @7abib_art
Background Paintings: Ahmed Al-Bastaki @ahmed_albastaki
Rejected Version by Client
Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 1 - Visual Development 
First Edit to the Storyboards
Color Script by Ahmed Al-Bastaki
First Character Designs
Second Edit to the Storyboards
CLIENT REJECTS First Full Version
Version 2 after Habib Al-Haddad Hops on as an Art Director
NEW Storyboards and Color Script
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