TMMC Climate Change Animation
During the busy semester of Fall 2015, I managed to work on a group project with Pixar animator and artist Bret Parker. It was an Animation made for the Marine Mammal Center. I animated a few shots in ToonBoom and Flash over the course of a semester. 

Animation came out great, and the center was very happy with what we produced as a group of CCA 2D-animation students.
My shots
My personal drawing of planet earth coughing from global warming
Design made by Emiley Escot and Isiah Kim 
The Final Result 
We visited the center after finishing the Animation. We displayed all the pre-production work and did some seal drawing workshops for kids. 
Isaiah and Zoe at the desk displaying project maquete's
Drawing Sea lions corner.
One of the drawings I made for display.
more by other students

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