Red Sea International Film Festival 2021 Animated Intro / Ident 
The Process
The Concept
Early ideas for a Kebda (liver) cooking guy at al balad
Some concept art for the liver cooking man
The second concept. A girl filming in the Historic Balad.
Style References
First Color thumbnail / sketch
Thumbnails and Story Evolution
Character Design and Evolution
Early study of Bait Naseif Court
Second Phase of the Stories Evolution
Location Study of albalad and the Naseif Court
Character Design Phase 2
Secondary and background Characters 
First Color pass for the characters 
Phase 3 of the Character's Design
The Final Character Model Sheet
Color pass for the final character
The Final Storyboard
 Early Animatics 
Look and & Feel studies
Taking one of Habib's illustrations and expanding on it. I created this concept art to sell the Look and Feel of this project to the Client. 
First Color Script by Habib Alhaddad
The Final color script
First Concept art for Albalad backgrounds by Raghad
Another Concept Art done by Raghad for the imaginary world
Background Guides for the Background Painter 
Some of the beautiful background paintings the awesome Raghad Baidas created for this project before final coloring. 
Animation Guide for Riyad Al-Dosari and the Animation of the Baleela Kart. 
Some of the Early pencil tests and Animations of the Character
Late Animatic
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