Wajh Alnahs - Short Animations
By the end of 2016 I have been introduced to a group of very talented young men who decided to start a card game company. They released a game named Hashtag Deal, and followed it by a big hit game called Wjh Alnahs, or the “Face of misfortune”. I joined the team when they decided to release the game in Comic Con 2017 in Jeddah, and from there started to animate with the team short and long clips that promote the game. 

In this Post I will dislpay the animations I made for the game in the very beginning of its inception, and promotion online. 
Clothing Virgin instagram commercial
Comic Con 2017 Promo 
Direction: Mahmoud Zaini
Animation: Mahmoud Zaini
Storyboard Artist: Mahmoud Zaini
Typography and Graphic Design: Dua Bogis
Character Designer: Latifah Rashid
Sound, Music, & Voice Over: Omar Basaad 
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