Zabeedi Eye Clinic - Commercial 
Client: Zabeedi Eye & Dental Clinic.
Production Company: inov8 Studios.
Director: Mahmoud Zaini.
Art & Concept Director: Mahmoud Zaini.
Producers: Hussam Baghdadi, Ahmad Samman.
Writing: Mahmoud Zaini.
Animation: Mahmoud Zaini.
Storyboards & Layout: Mahmoud Zaini.
Character Design: Mahmoud Zaini.
Color: Yara Ardawi, Mahmoud Zaini.
Background Painting: Marya Bakhsh, Yara Ardawi, Latifa Rashid, Michelle Ahn.
Voice Over: Feras Yaghmour.
Sound & Music: Mahmoud Zaini.
1 minute version
Pre- Production
In this stage everything from concept art, thumbnails, research, and character explorations were done to create an immersive world for the clinic's mascot. 
First Concept art for the main mascot "nather" and the clinic's Colors.
Character concept & Animation Pitch for the Client 
Here are the final paintings made by myself and other talented artists on this project, along with a Color script made as a guide for these backgrounds.
Morning Mirror by: Michelle Ahn
Morning Bed by: Michelle Ahn
King's Road Burj by: Marya Bakhsh
Clinic's Spa Tub by Latifa Rashid 
Clinic's bed by Latifa Rashid 
Clinic's Grand Entrance by Mahmoud Zaini
Nather's Office by Mahmoud Zaini
Busy Road by Mahmoud Zaini
Nather's Car Interior by Mahmoud Zaini
Check up station 2 by Mahmoud Zaini
King's Burj by: Latifa, Yara, Mahmoud
Desert texture by: Yara Ardawi
Desert texture by: Yara Ardawi
Desert texture by: Yara Ardawi
Clinic texture by: Yara Ardawi
Spa texture by: Yara Ardawi
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