For my Final project In my visual storytelling class, I had to create an animatic for a story that I make up. For a while I had this intrest in human perception. The ability to alter your feelings and emotions through the way you precieve and view the world. 

I decided to make a short about a little boy who lived in a state of happiness and joy through eyelenses that altered his view of reality. 
His encounter with a deer, and the burst of tears was the trigger that disrupted the functionality of this perception-altering eyelense. 
​This catalyst moved him from the previous state of perception to a newer state that displayed to him a compeletly new reality that he was unaware of. 
He then leaves this underground city to reach the surface where the last peace of "Real" land exists. 
He is then shocked by another reality, a reality of war over land which he then finally touches and feels the last remaining piece of grass. 
Audio Work
This project was done for two classes at the same time. My Visual storytelling class and my Audio For Animation class. Very acute attention was paid to audio throughout this project. I created most of my sound affects using Foley, recorded the voice with a friend, and produced my own humble musical soundtrack. A lot of Visual/Audio storytelling elements were also used in this piece. For example the music escalated at many times with the escalation of the action, or descelated with the calmness of it. Sound was used also to replace visuals at some points, and also to make certain scenes move slower in the perception of the viewer. 
Snaps from the Short
A lot of what I learned in this class was put into affect in this animatic. For a succesful animation to ever display an idea and communicate it with an audience a lot of visual work must be done.
Many factors help communicate your ideas; 1-Color  2-Tone  3-Movement  4-Shapes  5-Lines   6-Rhythm 
The sketched Storyboard 
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