Wjh Alnahs - Instructional Film
Following the launch of the game in stores all around Jeddah, the game recieved a lot of heat for being a little hard. The team therefore participated in many events around Jeddah in order to teach stangers by playing with them. 

In order to further teach buyers of the game how to play the game, Hussam Baghdadi decided that I should develope an animated instructional how-to film. In this film we will use the characters that were developed for the Wjh Alnahs Lore described in the previous post about the game’s proposed comic book series. We will place them in a story setting that relates to the overall story of the game where they try to play the game.  
The result was an Animated video in collaboration with our Character Designer Latifa Rashed, our graphic designer Doa Bogis, and our Musician/Sound Composer Omar Basaad. 
This was to be the first full Animation I direct outside of anything related to my own personal work, and with a team of talented artists. Yet as in any Animated work, I had to take up many jobs in the animation pipeline, and not just Direct this work but draw, animate, color, and edit this work. 
Direction: Mahmoud Zaini
Writing: Hussam Baghdadi, Ahmad Samman
Animation: Mahmoud Zaini
Secondary Animation: Victoria Ilianjy
Storyboard Artist: Mahmoud Zaini
Typography and Graphic Design: Dua Bogis
Character Design: Latifah Rashid
Secondary Illustrator: Latifah Rashid 
Voice Over: Feras Yaghmour
Sound & Music: Omar Basaad 
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