As part of an intensive summer course with Pixar at CCA we were handed a storyboarding task. The task was to invent a toy character and place it in a story randomly generated by two pieces of paper handed to us. The first piece of paper gave our character an ending emotion, while the second gave us an adventure he had to live. My toy character was a rubber bouncy horse I owned when I was young. While my two story premises were: 1) Cowardly 2) Saving a princess.

  I worked with a pencil on animation paper given to us by Pixar. I started of course with some planing, and character development before drawing the small beat boards and finally the large ones. Work was hanged on a board with pins, and was exposed to critiques constantly by our Pixar story artist and instructor Jim. 
Horsy describing who he is 
early thumbnails with yellow sticky notes for edits
very early rough thumbnails of the story
studying who horsy is
concept drawings and acting shots for the horse 
How our main character met horsy, and how horsy met other toys 
Blue horsy and his owner (the brother) and red horsy with her owner (the sister)
Final thumbnails 
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