Pixar @ CCA
First Assignment
As part of an intensive summer course with Pixar at CCA we were handed a storyboarding task. The task was to interpret a folkloric story in a visual way. I was handed randomly The Baboon's Umbrella. I worked with a pencil on animation paper given to us by Pixar. I started of course with some planing, and character development before drawing the small beat boards and finally the large ones. Work was hanged on a board with pins, and was exposed to critiques constantly by our Pixar story artist and instructor Jim. 
The Baboon's Umbrella
1 : The Baboon was taking his daily walk in the jungle.
2 : He met his friend, the Gibbon, on the path.
3 : “My good friend,” said the Gibbon, “how strange to find you holding an open umbrella over your head on such a sunshiny day as this.”
4 : “Yes,” said the Baboon. “I am most annoyed. I cannot close this disagreeable umbrella. It is stuck. I would not think of walking without my umbrella in case it should rain. But, as you see, I am not able to enjoy the sunshine underneath this dark shadow. It is a sad predicament.”
5 : “There is a simple solution,” said the Gibbon. “You need only to cut some holes in your umbrella. Then the sun will shine on you.”
6 : “What a good idea!” cried the Baboon. “I do thank you.” The Baboon ran home.
7 : With his scissors, he cut large holes in the top of his umbrella.
8 : When the Baboon returned to his walk, the warm sunshine came down through the holes. “How delightful!” said the Baboon.
9 : However, the sun disappeared behind some clouds. There were a few drops of rain.
10 : Then it began to pour. The rain fell through all of the holes in the umbrella. In just a short time, the unhappy Baboon was soaked to the skin.
First Beatboard sketches 
First Character/prop Sketches 
Environmental Sketches and explorations
crumbled paper with important explorations of gestures and poses
Exploring the story and how it can be represented 
Unused Boards
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