For my Visual Storytelling class at California College of the Arts, we were asked to create an Animatic for our midterm
We had two scenarios to pick from, and I picked an action filled story with a Jogger, rollerblader, a dog, and a couple.
An animatic helps the production team understand the flow, and timing of the Animation before heading into full production. It contains minimal animation , yet focus on camera angles, shot sizes, and timing.
I tried to use all the techniques learned in class and incorporate them in this simple Animatic.
The Animatic

Drawing done in : Photoshop
Animation: AfterEffects
Sound Design: ProTools
Music: Heroes & Villains - Calyx & Teebee
Started the scene with an establishing shot of the setting, then introduced the first Character: the Jogger. 
Multiple action shots to show the intensity associated with the second character: the Roller blader.
I then cut back to show an inlove couple walking their dog in a very calm setting. The dog is intruduced as the only character who sees danger in this situation. 
The dog notices a future clash that may happen between the two main characters. 
In the storyboard before making the full animatic, I had the idea of the rollerblader missing the jogger, going up in the sky, then returning back again. This idea was later cancelled out from the Animatic because it killed the intensity that I had already built up before the collision. 
The rollerblader finally collides with the jogger. He hits him, and then hits the happy couple, leaving the dog as the smart one in the end, who saw everything coming & survived. 
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