Technique Theory:

In this experimental piece I will explore facets of visual representation that dive into the abstract. I will employ principles like repetition, birth, growth, harmony, and synchronism, in order to explore abstraction in Animation as much as possible. I will use the spontaneity of collage and work my way through the piece by extracting the shapes and textures I find necessary. My choice in using collage is intended to bring about randomness in material choice, yet order on the screen. This will further synthesize my will to dive into the Abstract by merging the world of random picture choices, and the system of Animation which will all be governed by the elementary principles mentioned above.


The Overall theme is enlightenment and the finding of a new self. Starting with the cycle of life, and the obstructions that can push it away from a course dedicated to love. The seed analogy, which involves growth, corruption, struggle, and finally rebirth, will be used to support my overall theme. Through this analogy along with other symbols that will represent corruption (mechanical repetitive pollution), and then other symbols that counter it through harmony, balance and love, (nature, biology, and spirit) I will be able to represent the idea of enlightenment even more. Music will bring together these polarities into a totality/unity that will harmonize all the different spontaneous elements used in this piece, and create a stronger impact. 
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