During winter break I went to my family in Westborough, my two young talented and creative cousins were there.
They started telling me ideas about cartoons they want to make so I decided why not make something quick and simple completely thought and imagined by them. 

So in three weeks we accomplished this (Pacifier), a short Children inspired cartoon.

The experience and process was great, it was beyond amazing experiencing a kids mind in action ! this Inspired me in return to start creating other shorts in a series that I will call (Children inspired Cartoons)

Enjoy the Randomness
The whole thing was done in Flash, and then edited by i-movie, in three weeks only. 

The kids drew the storyboards, designed the characters, backgrounds, and even recorded all the sounds. 

I took care of supervising it, and making it all work together. 
Working on the Storyboard
Money dreaming , this background was inspired by Yousuf entirely, from the money rain and tree to the 50 cent sun. 
Baby flashback :P Ghalyah created the pacifier ending. 
After Work Celebration ! :P
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