Final Result after adding "Gold" 
Students in Washington DC asked me to create a logo for an event called " Gulf Unity ". 

This event is basically a gathering for all the gulf countries; Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Both the concept and the design idea were not clear for this logo, which is something not that preferrable when dealing with clients in a professional matter, so I ended up making many many versions of the logo.

It was quite tiring and the end results wasn't what I would go for, yet the coordinators felt comfortable with it. 
First Simple Design, with simply type.
In the Gulf there are two extra countries that don't really exist in the GCC, which are Iraq and Yemen. 
Making a Logo that only represented the countries flags did not seem that appealing, since the event is about unity, if I was to design the flags and exclude Iraq and Yemen that would be very disrespectful to the Iraqi's and Yemeni's that will attend the event. 
So I decided to only put the colors that represented the gulf countries which are ( Red, Green, Black, and White ) along with a symbol that also resembles the gulf in a unified matter which is the famous Arabic Falcon. 
The original type he wrote 
With the Help of my great Calligrapher friend Mohammed Ghulman, I asked him to write Gulf Unity in Arabic for me, which enhanced all the type for this logo. 
One of the early Design Ideas. 
Added the flags because the cooredinators really wanted them to be visible. 
Changed the directions of the flags
Another Idea with the callifgraphy
Add "gold" for the this final version
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